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There is a special link between young people and  IP. This why OHIM (the Community  Trademark Office) and the Observatory, as part of its mandate, launched the Ideas Powered last month, an initiative to raise awareness of the value of intellectual property and the importance of respecting it.

And ……….there is a competition going on! In fact, Ideas Powered invites young people (EU Citizens, aged 15-24) to submit videos illustrating an original idea or a project that demonstrates the importance of intellectual property.  Participants may choose a theme among   Arts (music, graphics, literature, performing arts), Innovation & entrepreneurship, Design or style.

Visit to compete and to gain more information.  

Do not forget that we also support start-up companies in case you idea or future ideas become a concrete project and need to be protected!

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Community Trademark Office (OHIM): Performance Results of Services.

On 14 August last  the Community Office has published  ( performance result of services for the second quarter of 2015, in terms of timeliness, quality and accessibility. Apparently, despite the increase in number of applications compared to the previous quarter the Office is still maintaining its standards. To give you an idea, the Office may register a Community trademark application in 5 months!

 Well it also important to mention that similar good quality is represented also in the filing of Designs and some proceedings, as for example oppositions, cancellations, appeals, etc.

Stay tuned!




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Trademark owners from outside the European Union..…

We think it is worth to remind that natural or legal persons not having either their domicile or their principal place of business or a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in the European Community must be represented before the Community Office  in proceedings as for example Oppositions, Cancellation actions, etc.

In fact the concrete risk is that actions might be rejected as happened in a recent case. By decision of 4 August 2015 in opposition No. B 1 202 225 (the LAMBRETTA case) the Opposition Division of the Community Office rejected the opposition filed by an Indian company, which had not appointed a  European attorney, stating that “In the present case, the opponent does not have its domicile or principal place of business or a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in the Community and has not appointed a representative” despite the fact that “the Office requested the opponent to appoint a new representative and set a deadline (…). As a consequence, the opposition must therefore, be rejected as inadmissible”.

Consequently, do not forget to appoint your European Trademark Attorney in the future!

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