You can search on-line for free trademarks already registered in the European Union.

You can search the trademark on-line via TMview or using our APP Marklock.

Marklock and TMview are online consultation tools allowing any Internet user to search, free of charge, the trade marks registered of all participating official trade mark Offices.
The information is provided by the trade mark offices that own the content and are responsible for its daily update.

You can:
• Carry out a trade mark search.
• Check for the availability of your trade mark name.
• Discover what your competitors are protecting.


Our SEARCH REPORT is aimed to crucially limit the risk that your trademark application will be challenged by third party oppositions and to prevent you to be sue in Court for trademark infringement.

You obtain:
• Availability opinion on trademark registration.
• Legal advice on trademark search results.
• Legal personalized assistance by a trademark attorney.

If you desire to obtain a professional trademark report Contact us.

We will be glad to provide you a free estimate.


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