On  30 September 2013 the European Commission launched a study on Intellectual Property Rights, which was carried out jointly by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM).

The study “Intellectual Property Rights intensive industries: Contribution to economic performance and employment in Europe” measured the real contribution of Intellectual Property (IP) rights in the EU economy. The main findings of the study are that about 39% of total economic activity in the EU (worth some €4.7 trillion annually) is generated by IPR-intensive industries. Such IPR-intensive industries are shown to generate almost 26% of all jobs in the European Union during the period 2008-2010, with almost 21% in trade mark-intensive industries.

The study also finds that approximately 26% of all employment in the EU (56 million jobs) is provided directly by these industries, while a further 9% of jobs in the EU stems indirectly from IPR-intensive industries. IPR-intensive industries also pay significantly higher wages than other industries, with a wage premium of more than 40%. This is consistent with the fact that the value added per worker is higher in IPR-intensive industries than elsewhere in the economy.

As regard Trade mark-intensive industries the study reveals that they employed a total of about 63 Mln. people in EU, of which almost 45,50 Mln. of direct employment  and almost 17,60 Mln. for indirect employment. Moreover, as regard the contribution of the Trade mark-intensive industries to the Gross Domestic Product, they account for 4,163,527 Mln. Euros representing 33.9% of the total share of the European Union GPD.

Finally, the study reveals that 90% of EU export is accounted for by IPR-intensive industries where trademark-intensive companies account for 75,5% of the total export share.

More information:

Summary of the study  “Intellectual Property Rights intensive industries”

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