Terms of Service

Choosing Express or Professional TM Filing Service

You can choose our Express Service or Professional Service of EUTM filing.

On the Express Service you can find detailed explanation and there is an online help assistance to find the appropriate goods/services and to perform a trademark search. So you can make no mistakes when choosing the appropriate goods/services. When we receive your application we check if the mark you want to get registered has any distinctive character in relation with the goods/services you chose and if we find that it has absolutely not, we notify you.

In Express Service, furthermore, we do not provide an identity search into EUIPO database. Therefore individuals who are not professionals or not completely sure about all the aspects of the mark to be filed, are suggested to choose the Professional Service, wich is comprehensive of a Class Analysis and an Identity Search into the EUIPO database, in addition to telephone and e-mail support, included in the fee.

On the Express Service however, it is your responsibility that the mark you pick should meet the legal requirements of registration (e.g. it must have distinctive character regarding the goods/services), and that you choose the appropriate goods/services.

If you have any doubt regarding our TM filing services, please mail us.

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